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Covid-19 Support Group Hawaii
Danielle Baksic, M.S. Psy

Director of Programs and Health Guide at Health Personas

I understood early in life that my calling was to serve and help others. In 2002, I earned a BA in Psychology from Western Connecticut State University. Post undergrad, I took some time off to start a family and raise my three children, all the while, assisting my husband in managing our family business. I had aspirations to continue my education and earned my MS in Psychology, Individual and Family Psychotherapy in 2012 from Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas. I am trained in Strength Based, Narrative, Solution Focused, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapies. I have invested time working in the areas of chronic pain, medical challenges, eating disorders, family dynamics, and major life transitions.

When someone is experiencing difficult times, it helps to have someone walk along side of you, from a nonjudgmental perspective. I believe we have the strength to overcome adversities, but sometimes need a helping hand along the way. I currently serve as the Program Director at Health Personas and am also a Health Guide for our valued members.

I am a Mom of three children, ranging in ages from 12 to 20. My husband was born in Hawaii, leading to our family love of the ocean and the Hawaiian Islands. All three of my children love to skateboard, body board, and surf. In my free time, I enjoy photography, yoga, and spending time at the beach with my husband and children.


Anna Ballard, CNA

Aloha my name is Anna,

My healthcare journey began in Bend, OR while I was finishing my bachelors in Business and guiding white water rafting in the summer. Since I loved being outdoors, I decided to pursue a career as a first responder in Wilderness First Aid. These positions allowed for me to enjoy nature and required me to put others’ safety at the forefront. It became clear to me, the importance of taking care of others’ wellbeing in addition to my own was a win-win. I strive to live a balanced lifestyle which normally consists of practicing yoga, early rise to farmers markets, boogie boarding and drinking coconuts. I am currently a CNA, continuing my healthcare education in the Maui Nursing Program. I look forward to meeting you!


Jules Gorum, MSW

Director of Care Programs at Health Personas


Alana Hendrickson, RDN, CDCES, LD

Born and raised on the island of Maui, Alana recently returned home after a 10 year hiatus in California. It was there that Alana became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist as well as a Certified Diabetes Educator. With an all around love of food, you will find Alana talking about a range of edible topics including how certain foods nourish the body, clever ways to cook, and even sustainable growing practices. With 5 years of clinical experience, Alana also has a history of working as a baker, farmer, barista, and even a chocolate maker. But what Alana is most passionate about is taking all that she has learned over the last 10 years and bringing it home, to serve and improve the vitality of her local community.


Lisa Konove, MSW

Hi, my name is Lisa, a Health Guide with Health Personas.

I am a Hawaii-licensed social worker specializing in medical and therapeutic counseling. My background includes direct services in hospitals/clinics, management of community resources/programs, and private practice counseling.

I enjoy chatting and sharing with people about their interests, finding areas of motivation, and helping to problem-solve urgent and on-going health and social issues. My passions are travel, the arts (any form) and helping others gain confidence in their own abilities. I am so looking forward to meeting and sharing with you.

Dr. Warren Wong, MD

Warren Wong has dedicated his professional life to the care of older adults. Early in his career he was a physician at On Lok Senior Health Services in San Francisco Chinatown. On Lok is the original site of the nationally renowned PACE organization (Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly). Dr. Wong went on to develop the geriatrics service at Kaiser Permanente in Hawaii. In that role, he established the Geriatrics consultation service, the nursing home program and home visit program. He also played an instrumental role in developing palliative care.

Dr. Wong went on to become a physician lead for the organization wide Kaiser Permanente Aging Network and a senior physician consultant for Kaiser Permanente’s Care Management Institute. He designed "Senior Segmentation", a strategy for population care of older adults that is being implemented throughout Kaiser Permanente's one million older adult members. In this model, distinct services are designed for four different older adult care groups

Dr. Wong spent a year at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) as a Merck Fellow. While at IHI, his primary work was focused on health care system design for older adults who are frail and have complex needs. System redesign includes many elements that are currently lacking in most health care systems and requires a much stronger integration with community-based services.

In 2014, Dr. Wong became Associate Medical Director for Complex Care at Hawaii Health Partners, Hawaii’s first Accountable Care Organization.

In 2017, Dr. Wong founded a startup, MemoriesConnect, which provides app-based support to people living with dementia, to their caregivers and loved ones.

In 2018, Dr. Wong became Medical Director for HealthPersonas, a medical technology firm that provides physician integrated and individualized virtual support for people as they face both life challenges and chronic illness.

Dr. Wong is interested in active aging, development of social networks, community development and the upcoming challenges for baby boomers.

Dr. Wong is a Clinical Professor of Geriatric Medicine at the John A. Burns University of Hawaii School of Medicine.


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